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South Centre

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South Centre
South Centre
17-19 Chemin du Champ d'Anier Petit Saconnex
Geneva, Switzerland, GE 1209
Phone: +41 22 791 80 50
Fax: +41 22 798 85 31
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International Organisations

The South Centre is an intergovernmental organization of developing countries supporting their efforts and providing expertise to promote their common interests in the international arena. The South Centre was established by an Intergovernmental Agreement which came into force on 31 July 1995. Its headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland. The South Centre was established as a permanent intergovernmental organization mandated to provide policy advice, undertake research and analysis, support coordinated actions by developing countries in negotiating processes, and promote South-South cooperation. The South Centre also seeks to promote North-South dialogue on issues of common global concern on the basis of equality and mutual respect.