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Microgrids for disaster preparedness and recovery

Ensuring electricity continuity in the face of disasters

While they are often seen as a means of encouraging the take up of renewable energy and addressing challenges of peak demand, microgrids can make a significant contribution to disaster preparedness and recovery.

This White Paper, by the IEC MSB (Market Strategy Board), considers preparation for and recovery from major electricity outages, with a focus on customer-side measures. It examines how disaster preparedness and postdisaster recovery may benefit from standards and the design of plans for coordinated activity.

Microgrids, the White Paper shows, are a solution to many of the issues identified in the disaster review. By relying on a variety of generators, a microgrid system avoids many of the single-point-of failure issues of the traditional electricity grid. Key suggestions encourage the operation of microgrids and the implementation of standards to assist disaster relief planning.

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