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International Civil Defence Organisation (ICDO)

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International Civil Defence Organisation (ICDO)
International Civil Defence Organisation
10-12 Chemin de Surville P.O. Box172
Petit-Lancy/Geneva CH-1213
Phone: +41 22 879 69 69
Fax: +41 22 879 69 79
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International Organisations

The International Civil Defence Organisation works for the protection of civilian population, property and the environment from the effects of manmade and natural disasters. Primary goals are: 1) to help strengthen the national civil protection services of ICDO Member States; 2) development and strengthening of international cooperation in the field of civil protection and civil defence; 3) promotion and dissemination of knowledge about civil defence. In this respect, the ICDO conducts training programmes for civil protection professionals involving modern forms of training, such as exercises in the field and distance learning.  Through its technical and humanitarian assistance programmes, the ICDO delivers emergency equipment and food supplies to countries in need.