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NGO's is a global network on applied ethics with individual and institutional participants from all continents. It is committed to strengthen core values such as integrity, justice, respect, inclusion, sharing, and responsibility in a globalised world. promotes values-driven transformation for life and sustainable development through responsible leadership. It supports empowering people from all over the world – with religious and non-religious perspectives – for ethical dialogue, reflection and action. is engaged in four main activities:

  1. increasing knowledge through the online library
  2. encouraging dialogue through the online and face to face community
  3. promoting reflection by global collaborative research, conferences and publications
  4. supporting action through selected projects, services, education, training and certification focuses primarily on educational ethics and to a lesser extent on public services ethics, economic/environmental ethics and (inter-) religious ethics. was founded in 2004 as a non-profit association, and established as a foundation in 2009. The foundation has its Head Office in Geneva, Switzerland, and has Regional Programmes and National Contacts on five continents around the world.