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Current Issues Podcast: Proposal for a Displaced Persons Convention

In this episode of ACUNS Current Issues Podcast, Jill Goldenziel joins host Alistair Edgar to discuss her “Proposal for a Displaced Persons Convention.” 

Jill argues that existing International Refugee Law fails to protect displaced persons today and there is a need for new International Law to help victims of violence. She also touches on the need for wide scale education about refugees and displaced persons, the definition of these categories, and what protections they would receive under international law. Such development is important due to the high numbers of people who are fleeing violence yet being turned away for not meeting refugee criteria. Goldenziel discusses her guidelines for what to consider when a new international convention is being made and how her proposal incorporates moral and economic concerns in the interest of human rights and states in order to get the support needed for new international law.  She also addresses how an international convention for displaced persons would provide more consistency and clarity on how states treat displaced people.

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