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Citizen Cyberlab (CCL)

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Citizen Cyberlab (CCL)
Campus Biotech
9 Chemin de Mines
Geneva 1202
Phone: +41223790847
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Academic Institutions

Citizen Cyberlab is based on a partnership between the European Particle Physics Laboratory, CERN, the UN Institute for Training and Research, UNITAR, and the University of Geneva.

At Citizen Cyberlab, we are developing methods and studying motivations for new forms of public participation in research. We are researchers from a diversity of backgrounds – history, informatics, learning, linguistics, medicine, physics, psychology and more. Jointly, we initiate projects and organise events that encourage citizens and scientists to collaborate in new ways to solve big challenges. From online crowdsourcing to in-person hackathons, we are exploring and expanding the limits of citizen science and human computation.

Conceived as a laboratory, Citizen Cyberlab is a place for experimentation on new modes of participatory research and reflection on the role of science and technology in defining citizenship in modern societies. Our mission is to develop innovative open-source research tools, training and events to empower public involvement in scientific and social research issues, as well as to explore the impact of that involvement and assess its risks and opportunities. Specific goals for our lab include the integration of crowdsourcing, distributed sensing and artificial intelligence in ways that empower public involvement in tracking progress towards the global goals for sustainable development.