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Across all international organizations, key information is hard to find, rarely coordinated, search tools are limited in their range, and resources are often focused on single issues. Users do not have a platform from which to browse the full repository of data that exists. The aim of GVADATA is to transform this.

GVADATA is an up-to-date and evolving guide of the major information and publications of International Geneva. For the first time, United Nations agencies, international organizations, and NGOs have united their data in one collective portal. GVADATA allows users to search across information platforms by using variables such as thematic areas, organizations, and type of information. Information is also customized to suit certain users as new resources have been designed for the media, academia, and speechwriters. The value of GVADATA is its power to cut through different fields and mobilize all actors of International Geneva. 

The design and creation of this tool has fostered collaboration while respecting the diversity of approaches to present information. Open access to data is crucial for the expansion of innovation required to meet the challenges of tomorrow. This is especially important if we are to achieve progress toward the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.