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GVAData Binder

The GVAData Binder complements this online portal to provide users with a customized guide to information created and managed by International Geneva. It introduces the Geneva Data project and explains how to use this website. In the section "My GVAData", users can print out data entries relevant to them (searched by theme, format, SDG or organization) and order them under A to Z dividers in the way they prefer.

The resources contained in the binder go beyond just mirroring the website. The Geneva Data printed version was designed as a useful tool for users such as researchers and journalists. Helpful resources, including tips, contacts and quotes, were gathered across the board that can serve every interested member of the international community. For ease of orientation, they are categorized into four add-ons:  "Academic Add-On", "Diplomatic Add-On", "Media Add-On" and the "Speech-Writer Add-On". PCP partner organizations and respective teams from the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) contributed useful things to know for specific audiences and beyond. All the Add-Ons are downloadable in pdf format from this section and printable. 

Perception Change Project, based at UNOG, aims to highlight the collective impact and relevance of International Geneva. PCP's visualizations of the impacts of Geneva-based organizations along the key themes of peace, climate change, human rights  etc. have been included in the last section "Impact Inforgraphics".