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DiploFoundation (Diplo)

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DiploFoundation (Diplo)
Geneva office
Avenue de la Paix 7bis
Phone: +41 22 907 36 30
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DiploFoundation (Diplo) is a not-for-profit organisation based in Malta, with offices in Geneva and Belgrade. It assists small and developing states to build the capacity to engage effectively in international policy processes, negotiations, and diplomacy. Diplo provides capacity development programmes, training programmes for officials, and specialised and effective academic programmes - with a focus on online learning. Academic programmes are delivered in cooperation with (and accredited by) the University of Malta.

Internet governance (IG) has been in focus of Diplo’s professional and academic work since 2003. Since 2014, Diplo has operated the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP), which fulfils the mission of an observatory, capacity building centre and a centre for discussion on Internet governance issues. In 2015, Diplo launched GIP Digital Watch, a new online tool that provides a concise overview of policy issues, actors and ongoing developments in the various fields of Internet governance.