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5G and PSM - Opportunities in distribution of AV content & services

This document aims at describing opportunities in the distribution of audiovisual content and services over 5G networks.

5G refers to a next generation of telecommunications technology that should enable integration of fixed, mobile and satellite networks, together with computing and storage resources into a unified, programmable, and universally available infrastructure.

5G networks are supposed to be vastly superior to any existing network and able to support a wide range of use cases, including those with stringent requirements in terms of throughput, latency, quality of service, resilience, cost, energy-efficiency and coverage. The benefits for the vertical sectors would come from the economies of scale, better utilization of energy and radio spectrum, new business opportunities, and cross-sector innovation.
The EBU and its members are supportive of 5G developments, which are seen as an opportunity to enable new services and facilitate new business models. This might lead to sustainable solutions for the distribution of Public Service Media (PSM) content and services. The main challenge will be to translate the 5G technical capabilities into enhanced user experience and value for PSM providers and the audience.

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